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What is Arctic Coating?


Arctic Coatings Professional line consists of our most advanced solutions aimed at experienced detailers. 
To use these products you have to be a certified Arctic Coating Detailer, this is because we want to make sure the people who use these products have enough experience and skill to offer the highest level of quality in the industry. The products are developed together with our ambassadors to ensure that we create products that meet their high requirements.

•  Extremely durable liquid glass barrier that protects automotive paint work from the daily exposure of our harsh environment.
•  Chemical resistant: bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, road salt, road paint.
•  UV rays, oxidation, temperature, and corrosion resistant – prevents paint fading

•  Enhances gloss and depth, while leaving clear coated surfaces slick to the touch.
•  Offers light scratch resistance as the glass barrier slightly increases the hardness of the surface its applied on.
•  Substantially reduces time and effort required to perform carwash and drying.

•  Repels water by causing water to bead up and roll off the surface similar to a lotus leaf.
•  Arctic Coating will last up to 24 months with correct maintenance.



It is basic human instinct to protect the things you love. From purchasing a screen protector or shatter resistant case for a new cell phone to installing rubber mats in vehicles over the winter month to prevent salt damage to carpet, the principle stays the same.

Automotive paintwork is delicate; causing it to be susceptible to various types of damage such as scratches, chemical etching, and UV radiation damage. The result of such exposure causes vehicles, even new ones, to look excessively aged. Over the years there have been various solutions such as waxes and sealants that are designed to protect paintwork from the elements, but the technology is outdated with the environmental/climate challenges that vehicles currently face on a daily basis. Nanotechnology now makes it possible to design a sacrificial barrier of ceramic coating that is durable enough to protect against harsh weather, salt, strong chemicals, environmental fallout and other harmful things. By designing structures on a nanoscale we can create a protecting layer that can be compared to a layer of glass applied on top of the clear coat. 

“Being based in Norway we know what kind of harsh elements automotive paintwork has to endure, and for us the goal is simple, to offer the best possible protection on the market. To stay ahead of the curve we include our ambassadors in the product development process. These are highly experienced detailers from all around the world, each providing valuable input on how we should design our products.” – Iver Svardal Founder & Managing Director Arctic Coating Norway